Introduction of ChocoChip Browser


ChocoChip Browser is a tabbrowser for the iPhone and iPad. It provides many features for web browsing.


Multi user function(iPad only).

– You can register entire family’s account.
– Each account can be protected by the password.
– You can have an independent cookies, bookmark, history of each account.
– Single user mode.

Real tabs.

– Tap & hold menu.
– The tab open can select foreground/background.
– A new tab can be opened fast and easily in the tab mode.
– The tab can be replaced by drag and drop.
– The tab of the end last time can be restored.
– The number of tabs is not limited (It is also possible to limit it to 9).


– Save and fill out forms.


– Import function from bookmark synchronous site “xmarks”.
(Xmarks can synchronize with Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Safari. )
– It manages with the folder.
– Bookmark Toolbar.
– Bookmarklet can be used.
– The folder can be made for the bookmark toolbar.
– Bookmark edit(Order, name, address).
– The last state of the bookmark display was able to be reproduced.
– Easy registration of bookmarklet.


– Retrieval word input with multifunctional address bar.
– Google suggest.
– Search engine change function.

Multi touch gesture support.

– 1 finger swipe left:Back
– 1 finger swipe right:Forward
– 1 finger swipe left & right:close tab
– 2 finger swipe left:Swith to previous tab
– 2 finger swipe right:Swith to next tab


– The movie can be saved by tap & hold menu.
– The image can be saved by tap & hold menu.
– The image from illustration communications service “Pixiv” can be saved.
– Cooperation with GoodReader.
– Download manager.


– Many of functions can be selected by the user setting, and it can be assumed the operation of your taste.

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ChocoChip Browser Manual

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