Introduction of SyncMemo


SyncMemo is a simple memo application program that can synchronize with personal computer (Mac OS X,Windows,Linux ) by Wi-Fi.

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Synchronous function

– The memo can synchronize mutually between iPhone/iPod Touch and the personal computer.
– The memo exists as a usual text file on the personal computer.
– Because it is not import/export but complete synchronization , the uniform management of the memo can be done.
– It is safe on the security side because Wi-Fi is used and it synchronizes with the personal computer in LAN (It is not synchronization with the WEB service).
– It is possible to synchronize by a very easy operation.
– It is possible to synchronize if any OS and environment named Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux are operating the FTP server because synchronization with the host computer uses a general FTP protocol.


– It has been confirmed to synchronize in the following environments.
– MAC OS X v10.5 Leopard
– Windows XP Home Edition(War FTP Daemon 1.70, 1.82)
– Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope(ProFTPD)

* It is necessary to set the host computer side to synchronize by SyncMemo. Please set it referring to the following manual.
Synchronization with Mac OS X – Setup – Confirmation of connection

Synchronization with Windows ? War FTPD install

Synchronization with Windows ? War FTPD setup – Confirmation of connection

Tag function

– It is possible to classify it by the category by using tag. Two or more tag can be made for one memo.
– Tag can be unrestrictedly made as long as the resource permits.

Search function

– The full-text search of the text and the title can be done.

Secret mode

– The memo to be concealed can usually be put into the state not seen by the lock function by the password.

Fontsize change

– The font can change the size of five stages.

Landscape display support

– It corresponds to a horizontal screen (landscape display) on all screens.


– If the home button is pushed when it wants to do another work when the memo is edited and it becomes it, it is automatically preserved, and it becomes a detailed screen of the memo edited last time when SyncMemo will start next time.

Off-line operation

– A usual memo is inspected, and when operating it, never never connected in the packet. The memo can be referred, and be made at ease even in the situation of complete off-line.

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